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Long Resistance Bands: This Month's Workout Essential You NEED at Home

Working out at home has become the new norm for many of us, and while it may not be the same as going to the gym or a studio, it doesn't mean that we can't get a great workout in.

One essential piece of equipment that can help you get a full-body workout from the comfort of your own home are Long Resistance Bands. These bands are versatile, affordable, and can be used for a variety of exercises to help you tone and strengthen your entire body.

Replace Your Bulky Gym Equipment

One of the most significant benefits of using long resistance bands at home is that they can replace bulky gym equipment. Many of us don't have the space or money for a full gym setup, but that doesn't mean we can't achieve the same results. Long resistance bands can be used to replace barbells, dumbbells and most gym machines giving you a similar workout without the added expense or hassle of bulky equipment. Coming in 3 different resistances, means there's a challenge for every fitness level.

Get the Reform Pilates Burn at Home

If you're a fan of Pilates, you'll be happy to know that long resistance bands can be used to get the same reformer Pilates burn that you would get in the studio. By using the bands in your mat Pilates practice, you can get a full-body workout that targets your core, arms, legs, and back. The resistance from the bands can also help you achieve more challenging exercises, making your at-home Pilates practice even more effective. Check out our TikTok & Instagram for tips on how to try these at home!

Replace Gym Cable Exercises

Long resistance bands are also an excellent replacement for the cable machine in the gym - and exercises you do on it. With a range of resistances available, you can use the bands for a variety of exercises, including lat pulldowns, bicep curls, kick backs, side leg raises and tricep extensions. By using the bands, you can achieve similar results to what you would get with cable machines, making them a great alternative for at-home workouts.

Strong and Versatile

Long resistance bands are not only versatile but also incredibly strong. They're designed for even the toughest workouts, making them an excellent investment for anyone looking to get serious about their fitness routine & maybe add a little spice in there too! They can be used for toning, strengthening, and stretching, making them a true all-in-one solution for your at-home workout needs. When we say the Level 3 (or the black) band is tough ... we mean it. If you've tried it, you know exactly what we are talking about!

Perfect for Warming Up and Stretching

Long resistance bands are also perfect for both warming up and stretching. By incorporating them into your warm-up routine, you can prepare your body for a great workout while also increasing your flexibility and mobility. Customers have noted the "burn" and "activation" they instantly bring when used in a warm up routine. Also, they can be used to target specific muscle groups, making them an excellent addition to any stretching routine. You know those stretches you need a little support getting deeper in? Or maybe you just need a little extension of your arms to reach your toes in some spots? We got you! These bands will be your go to, with the strong ones providing the most support, down to the lightest until you get more mobile and flexible on your own!

Replace Yoga Straps

Lastly, long resistance bands are a great replacement or sub in for yoga straps. They provide the same level of support and resistance, but with more versatility. You can use them for deep stretches and poses, making them a great addition to any yoga practice - and the great thing is, the ES FIT ones come with a complimentary carry bag making them easy to bring to the studio or safe keep and use at home.

In conclusion, long resistance bands are a versatile workout essential that you NEED in your at-home gym setup. If you like the flexibility of doing different styles of workouts and mixing it up, these easy to store 3 pack of bands are going to be your new besties!

They can replace bulky gym equipment, provide a reformer Pilates burn, replace gym cable exercises, are strong and versatile, perfect for warming up and stretching, and can even replace yoga straps. With so many benefits and uses, there's no reason not to give these long resistance bands a go into your at-home workout routine! Shop all Resistance Bands here.

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