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Shop the best range of high quality & durable fabric resistance bands that are non-slip, non-digging & perfect for all workouts.
Perfect as booty bands, activation, toning legs, glutes & upper body + as stretch bands! 

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The ES FIT difference.

Our fitness equipment and accessories have been embraced by hundreds of Australian women in a variety of workout styles - from HIIT training, to strength and conditioning, pilates, barre, walking and anything else in between. The collection has been extremely popular due to the items' versatility in being used for full body movements, as well as as ease of incorporating into any gym or home workout. Workout smarter with ES FIT.
Here are our top ways to use resistance bands for different sessions
One of our favourite ways to warm up with resistance bands is to put the band just above our knees and warm up our lower body. We find our fabric resistance bands are super effective for leg sessions as the variety of resistance offered in our 5 pack (from extra light to extra heavy) means you have the right resistance for warm up, and then you can intensify and go heavier for the session. Our favourite activation exercises for a leg day are Squat Pulses
  • Start with some body weight squats (8-10 reps).
  • Once you’re warm, place the resistance band above your knees and take feet shoulder width apart or wider - we recommend a medium fabric resistance band (level 3) for warm up.
  • Aim for 3 rounds of 8-10 banded squat pulses.
  • You can elevate the heels if you would like to get more into the quads.

  • Standing Scooters
  • Place the resistance band above the knees.
  • Start in a standing position with one leg forward and slightly leaning the body forward also.
  • Gently move the back leg forward in to meet the front leg and slowly back again.
  • You want to focus on really controlling the movement so that the resistance band isn’t quickly pulling the leg backwards, rather a very
  • controlled movement, working through the resistance.
  • Aim for 3 rounds of 8-10 raises on each leg.

  • TIP: Stay strong through the core.

    Banded Crab Walks
  • Place the resistance band above the knees, or around the ankles if you’d like to get more into the glutes.
  • Start in a squat position and slowly march the feet sideways so that you are moving sideways.
  • KEY: We want to keep our feet at a constant distance apart so that there is consistent tension from the resistance band.
  • Try not to walk the feet too close together so that the band loses tension.

  • Want a live demo? Check out our video here for a high effective resistance band warm up for lower body (save me for your next banded leg day)!
    There’s no surprise the best way to use resistance bands (well our favourite anyway) is in a workout. Since you can use resistance bands for your full body, we’ve shared our favourite exercise with a resistance band for each body part. Full Body Upper Body - Bicep Curl into Shoulder Press
  • Start by holding the resistance band in both hands, directly under your chin.
  • Begin alternating one hand straight up in the sky at a time, while the other one remains under your chin. If you want to increase this intensity, the hand under your chin can pull down at the same time your other hand is pressing up, to create more tension.
  • Once the hand comes down from the shoulder press, flex it out into a bicep curl and then bring the hand back to starting position. Repeat on the other side.

  • Core - Ab Bicycle
  • Start by looping the resistance bands above your knees. Lay on your back and bring the legs into a tabletop position. Begin alternating the legs straight out in front, with alternating elbow crunching to the knee.
  • This is a standard ab bike, just with the band around your knees - TRUST US, this is such a good burn, you’ll be coming back for round two!

  • Lower Body - Lunge
  • A simple but effective traditional movement, made challenging by adding a band just above the knees.
  • Begin by splitting your legs, one forward, one back, and then move the torso up and down in a vertical direction, trying to bring the knee as close to the ground as you can.
  • You can add a back leg lift at the top of your lunge for an added burn!

  • For more ideas on how to maximise your booty band, visit our IG @esfit__ which has loads of workouts you can follow with.
    If you can’t quite get as deep as you’d like in some of your stretches, these resistance bands are going to be your new besties!

    Introducing your resistance bands into your stretching routine is a great way to slowly build that flexibility and get deeper in your stretch if you’ve struggling to push past a certain point.

    For example, to touch your toes, simply loop the band under your feet and use the rest to pull yourself closer - basically you want to add the band in wherever you have a gap between your body and the end point of the stretch.
    How do I know which bands to get?
    Before buying your resistance bands, have a think about how you will use them - if you love the variety of warm up, in session and cool down, then we would absolutely recommend buying a bundle pack that offers a range of resistances.

    The ES FIT 5 Pack Resistance Bands of the 3 Pack Resistance Bands are the perfect bundles and Australia’s favourite fabric resistance bands - with a variety of resistance bands, you have one for every activity, from warm up to cool down.
  • These are also available to purchase as Single Fabric Resistance Bands if you need just one band to top up your gym set. If you’re wondering whether rubber or fabric resistance bands are better suited for your need, read our thoughts in our FAQ section!

    There are so many Resistance Bands on the market, which can make choosing one a bit overwhelming! Here are some things to consider when selecting:
  • Tension Level – what resistance are you after? Do you just need a single band for one purpose i.e. glute activation, upper body or booty workout? Or do you want a pack that gives you a few bands with a range of resistances. This should be your starting point.
  • Fitness Goals If you’re after a band to help you with upper body toning only, you may veer more towards the single resistance bands. However, if you want a more durable strength, and do a lot of stable movements like hip thrusts, squats etc, then the bundle fabric resistance bands may be right for you!

  • Be sure to check out our IG to see how our community loves to use our bands and check out reviews on our product pages too!
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