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Join the hundreds of Australian women who have upped their sweat game & chosen ES Fit’s range of top quality fitness accessories that don’t skip out on style! We believe beautiful, functional fitness accessories can push you to achieve your fitness goals. Our range of cotton booty bands,sweat towels,adjustableankle weights & wrist weights & fabric resistance bands will empower you train and look your best!

Get ready to target and tone your way, with our luxe range of high quality fitness accessories.

ES FIT is Australia's favourite range of adjustable women's ankle weights, wrist weights, fit bracelets, sweat towels, workout towels, gym towels & fabric resistance bands. Feel the difference & get ready to target & tone your full body.

It's time to up your sweat game & have top quality fitness accessories, that don't skip out on style! Want to workout with us? Head over to our Instagram @esfit__ for home workouts you can do anywhere, that target your booty, core & arms.

Resistance bands are a really effective way to add on tension without overloading the body with heavy weight, but how do you actually use them? Click to find out how to use resistance bands in your warm up and activation, for additional resistance in your workout (full body exercises given) and to help stretch!
There are so many Resistance Bands on the market, which can make committing to one, or a few, a bit overwhelming! Here are some things to consider when shopping for either rubber resistance bands or fabric resistance bands.

Ankle Weights are ideal for anyone looking to add more variety to their workouts and level up their accessory kit! Adjustable, strap on and able to use on wrists & ankles, these are versatility queens. Use to tone legs, booty, core, upper body or as an added intensity to any other body weight movements. 

We're #powerfultogether.

You inspire us. You amaze us. You impress us with your energy, passion and awareness every day. So we developed our line of equally amazing accessories and products with you in mind; to help you glow even more.

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