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Fitness Essentials

ES FIT is Australia's favourite range of women's ankle weights, wrist weights, sweat towels, workout towels, gym towels and fabric resistance bands, and feel the difference.

It's time to up your sweat game and have top quality fitness accessories, that don't skip out on style!





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Join hundreds of women who have made the switch to top quality, durable, hygienic and considered fitness accessories.

Our range of high quality sweat towels, ankle weights, wrist weights, cotton resistance bands, gym towels and more, are sure to be the best add on to any gym kit! Sweat with us where ever you like - in studio, outside, at home or at the gym.

Can't decide what to get? Here's some food for thought ...

WHY the ES FIT Sweat Towel? Our sweat towel is the first of it's kind - the microfibre towel material is perfect for anyone who like's it sweaty! The quick drying technology, paired with its light weight is an absolute match made in heaven. Just when you thought that was enough, the design is curated to compliment any cute gym set you invest it - choose from a range of colours and considered designs and finally don't compromise on quality or style. We've got you covered! Speaking of coverage, our women's gym towel covers a full size yoga matt - say goodbye to having to sacrifice your legs or head being towel covered. We'll have you protected head to toe! Go sweat crazy with the perfect gym towel.

WHY the ES FIT Cotton Resistance Bands? Well, are you sick and tired of bands that roll mid workout, or dig into your skin? Ouch! We know the feeling. That's why we've taken the best from all resistance bands on the market and curated our own with the best features wrapped into one! You will see our bands are not the super thick width most cotton bands come in, which is way more comfortable ... but that's not even the best part! By using the fabric technology, our cotton resistance bands are durable, washable and non-rolling! What more could you want? Oh yes, a cute design just to top it all off! Our pack of 5 cotton resistance bands comes in a coordinated stylish bundle, but you can also purchase just one cotton resistance band if you need to add to an existing set! Whatever your fitness needs, you've come to the right place.

WHY the ES FIT Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights? We've never launched a product without considering two things - style and functionality. Luckily, our ankle weights and wrist weights are nothing short of either of these! Their gorgeous design is ground breaking in the market and ensures your gym sets are matched with equally aesthetic accessories. They are the best adjustable ankle weights because they can be used for both ankles & wrists! Perfect for an added burn to ANY movement! Do it your way with Australia's favourite Ankle Weights. Choose from 5 stunning colours and get toning! You'll be wondering how you ever lived without these in your gym kit!

Be sure to check out the ES FIT IG for ideas on how to #SweatWithES or see our products in action!