Are your products sustainably made?

All of our shipping bags, product boxes, and cards are 100% biodegradable and our products are designed to stand the test of time. Our range has been developed with fitness lovers in mind, curating what we believe to be the essential components of your fit kit (we’ll never fill our store with ‘stuff’ you’ll only use once).

Of course, we’re always looking for ways to improve our approach to sustainability, reduce waste, and better our products without compromising on our customer experience. While we’re not perfect, as a small business we’ve committed to working towards a sustainable model and to educate ourselves and our suppliers on all the ways we can reduce our impact. 

We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions on ways we can improve!  

How long does shipping take?

Australian Standard delivery usually takes 3-5 business days from shipment.  In many cases, customers in metro areas will receive their package the day after it is shipped. Regional areas can take up to 3 working days.

Additional delays due to COVID, natural disasters or any external event may impact the above shipping timeframes.

Can I return my item?

If you change your mind, you can return your item provided that the product is unused and unworn with the original packaging attached in a resalable condition. If the item has been damaged in any way the product will not be accepted upon return. 

For a change of mind return, you have within 30 days of receiving your order to lodge a return. You will be provided with the option to exchange the product or receive a store credit. You can view our full returns policy here.


What are Power Bracelets and why should I use them?

Power Bracelets are our versatile Ankle weights and/or Wrist weights which are used by our community to comfortably add resistance and weight to multiple workouts! You can easily strap these around your ankles or wrists to strengthen your glutes, upper body, inner thighs, core and the list goes on! If you don’t like holding bulky weights or want to challenge yourself, then these are perfect for you. Connect with us on IG @esfit__ to see how our community loves to use them.

What exercises are best with the Power Bracelets?

Adding our Power Bracelets as Ankle Weights or Wrist Weights works best with any body weight movement - from squats, to HIIT training, to pilates, barre, walking - the list goes on! Anything you do with your body, you can do better (and sweat a little more) with our Power Bracelets. 

We love them because they are so versatile and can be excellent for an upper body tone, booty burner or core workout!  Connect with us on IG @esfit__ to see how our community loves to use them and for some workout inspo!

Which weight in the Power Bracelets should I get?

Our Power Bracelets are around 1kg combined, and our Power Bracelets XL are around 2kg combined (around double). Which one is best for you depends on the type of exercise you do! We recommend the smaller set for those who will use them more regularly for pilates, barre and walking. If you have small wrists and want to use these as wrist weights, we would also recommend the smaller pair. We recommend the XL set for those engaging in more resistance and strength style training - although our community uses the weights for a range of activities and loves them! 

The good news is that these weights are adjustable so you can add or take off weight to create your own suitable level, no matter which set you purchase.

How do I use the Power Bracelets?

The Power Bracelets are easy to wear, with a velcro strap they easily fit around the ankles and wrists. You use them as you would any other pair of hand held weights - they seamlessly integrate into all workout styles. For specific examples and inspo on how to use them, head over to our IG @esfit__  for some long form videos and other content showing you how to put them to work!

Can I clean the Power Bracelets?

Yes - we love using an antiseptic wipe for the silicon panels. Just wipe on both sides and they are ready to go for your next workout.


What are Resistance Bands and why should I use them?

Resistance bands are versatile fitness tools that are highly effective for building strength, mobility, and stability. They are an excellent alternative or addition to other gym equipment like bulky weights, adding an external resistance force that can be applied without having to physically hold extra weight. They are popular due to their versatility and ease of use (being able to seamlessly incorporate them in any workout regime). Also they are travel friendly, offer a range of resistances and can be used for full body workouts. Connect with us on IG @esfit__ to see how our community loves to use them and for some workout inspo!

Colour/Strength - also indicated from 1-5 on the end of the band

Light Pink - Extra Light (1)

Pink - Light (2)

Dark Pink - Medium (3)

Lilac - Heavy (4)

Black - Extra Heavy (5)

What exercises are best with the Resistance Bands?

Adding our Resistance Bands are best with any body weight movement - from squats, to HIIT training, to pilates, barre, strength training - the list goes on! Anything you do with your body, you can do better (and sweat a little more) with our Resistance Bands. 

They are a great alternative to bulky weights and provide the perfect tension to increase the intensity of any workout. They are also fantastic for warm up regimes, cool down and even stretching! Connect with us on IG @esfit__ to see how our community loves to use them and for some workout inspo!

Do your Bands contain latex?

Our bands do contain natural latex inside the fabric which gives them their stretch.

What's the difference between rubber and fabric bands and what’s better?

The key difference between latex or fabric resistance bands, is simply the material they are made from and how this impacts your exercise movement. Latex or rubber resistance bands are, of course, made from rubber. On the other hand, fabric resistance bands are made from a stronger material, usually cotton or another durable fabric.

We have found our fabric bands are much more durable, comfortable and functional than rubber bands which is why all of our Resistance Bands are made from fabric! This does, however, come down to personal preference and you can read more about our thoughts on our blog here.

How long do the bands last?

Our products are designed to stand the test of time (and your reps)! You can expect longevity from our Resistance Bands as they are made from the highest quality material, and with fitness lovers in mind. Bear in mind that they are designed to stretch and can handle considerable tension. 

Make sure you are storing them in a nice cool spot. Try not to leave them in hot places, like the car or direct sunlight, as this can dry them out and reduce the life of your bands

Can I clean the Resistance Bands?

Yes - our fabric bands can be washed - we recommend hand washing them or in the washing machine in a wash bag.