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Join the hundreds of Australian women who have upped their sweat game and chosen ES Fit’s range of top quality fitness accessories that don’t skip out on style! We believe beautiful, functional fitness accessories can push you to achieve your fitness goals. Our range of booty bands, sweat towels, ankle and wrist weights and fabric resistance bands will empower you train at your best - while looking your best too! 

Shop our range of booty bands to accelerate booty building workouts, strengthen upper body, improve cardio as well as anything in between. Our fabric resistance bands are highly durable and stylish can be used seamlessly with every popular workout program. 

Bring style and an extra burn to your workout with our chic ankle and wrist weights. Our power bracelets add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout. Wildy versatile, they can be worn on wrists or ankles for all training activities, to add an extra burn to your next workout.

Our premium range of lightweight workout sweat towels are a must for every workout, with absorbent microfibre fabric so you can your sweat session to the next level without a worry. Durable and stylish, our towels will ensure you look your best while pushing yourself to the limit!

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