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Are Ankle Weights good for exercise?

Women's Ankle Weights are becoming increasingly popular in Australian fitness workouts for women, and if you've used them, you will know why! With an extra burn to your workout, ankle weights & wrist weights not only make it possible to workout smarter, but also encourage you to up the resistance without compromising your form!

So, how do Ankle Weights work?

With an adjustable strap, ankle weights can be looped around your ankles or wrists to add a small resistance to any exercise. They can range from 0.5kg, to 1kg and 2kg pairs, and in doing so, the focus on ‘lifting’ weight is taken out of the equation, and frees up focus for key elements like posture, reps and simpler movements with added pressure, leading to a more intense (and safer) burn. In actual fact adding wrist weights to regular training has been found to increase your heart-rate by 5-10 beats per minute (Running with Weights: Benefits, Cautions, and More, 2021).

Our wrist and ankle weights also help with targeted activity. Depending on where they are situated on the body, they can act as either an added burn you will be craving from the moment you feel it, or start working another area at the same time during an exercise. Being able to put them around the ankles and use them as an extra push in glute and inner thigh work outs, has become a game changer for our girls!

It is the easiest way to add extra intensity without tacking on too many steps or things to coordinate.


Why do I need Ankle Weights?

Ankle weights and wrist weights leave room for experimentation and greater mobility during training. The fact that these are adjustable and strap on, encourage a further range in different exercises as it minimises the need for balancing hand-held weights and finding ways to target extra weight into the legs. PLUS, ankle weights are just as effective when used for walks and other lower intensity activities. Try using these on your next walk or body weight session and you’ll see what we mean. We would suggest taking caution with any movements that are high impact and consult your relevant health practitioner if you are unsure how to best use these.

Where can I buy Ankle Weights?

The ES FIT Ankle Weights, known as Power Bracelets, have put a twist on regular ankle weights with their luxe design and stylish colour scheme, all whilst not compromising on functionality. The slick triangular design of the weights that adjust and wrap around ankles and wrists, leave a polished clean aesthetic that is sure to compliment any gym outfit you pair them with! Their compact size (and cute mesh carry bag) allows for them to easily fit slide into your gym bag, so that carrying them around, isn’t a workout on its own!

Aren’t you sick of having your cute gym outfit wrecked by unstylish gym accessories? Join the ES Community now and work smarter, not harder.

Choose from our range of colours and get your pair here.

Want to sweat with us? Visit our IG @esfit__ for some workout ideas and #sweatwithes!


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